Nice ebay store and listing template blue

Nice ebay store and listing template blue

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Dear customer, After you place the item
   Please tell us your store name and store url, we will edit the template for your store.
   This template include store template and listing template. you can use the one store for ever.
   The store template is easy to install.
   The listing template , you need to know a little html, And the listing template is not apply for every item automatic, You need to update product description one item by one item.
   If you don't know html , you can choose use our system, our system is powerful, and you can generate product listing template very easy. 
This system is free to use. AND Free install store template, For listing template we have a listing template generate system, you can use it for free. 

         About the return, After we sent to you the file, and you want to return the item, we can't give you a full refund, we just can give 50% refund, thanks
     Any question ,just email us thanks  


Easy install! Nice template , Beautiful, we just need your store's name, and you can get a nice store quickly, And the store install is very easy, we will give you a Instructions for store template install. And we will give you a lot of support. So come on,let make your store beautiful, increase your sales.

We will change your logo, and your store description.

We have a very powerful system for generating Ebay product description code. It is easy to generatel. You can get a Product description html code in 3 mins. There are two templates to try. If you want to try this system,just email us.


the system need you to pay you need pay $25 for one year for the image hosting fee.
Why Choose Our System?

Our Sytem can help you generate product descripiton with free listing template. You can upload 14 images for each items. and we can add a few template for youself.

What about the picture hosting?

Yeah, we will host the image for you , you don't need pay for the hosting, and you don't need the domain.
If I just use the system one month, Is the old listing description still working on ebay?
Yeah , It is still working, It is working for ever.
If There has any problem, Do you have a support?
Yeah, we have A+++ support.

Please note that after refund, you will be no longer able to use the template due to copyrights. You will need to remove any installed materials included in this template within 48 hours after refund. 
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